Carrier zone

Since our company is constantly expanding, we are looking for transport companies willing to start a partnership with us.

We provide loads both nationwide and internationally.

We regularly ship loads to The Baltic states.
We not only deliver import/export driving opportunities. I f a vehicle goes west from Poland it comes back to the nation every 2-3 weeks after daily transports.

Presently, we mainly address our offer to carriers who have trailers with tarpaulin on their disposal with 13,6m length and 24T loading capacity. We are one of the few who ship loads daily in the north-east Poland, and has plenty of customers in different regions in the country as well as from the abroad.

In case we start a regular partnership (B+K Sp. z o.o., Sp. k has exclusive rights to use the vehicle)
What’s more we offer:

  • rates for every driven km (both empty and loading km),
  • short payment deadline,
  • the option of SKONTA – payment deadline is 7 days only with 5% discount.

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