National and international transport Customer Zone

We offer you an opportunity to transport goods on the territory of Poland and whole EU.

Our main fleet of truck-tractors consists of trailers with tarpaulin of measurements equal or higher than 13,6m in length, and 2,7m in height. Each of them has a maximum carrying capacity of 24 tons.
They can be loaded from side, from back and from aloft.

We have a wide range of solid and well-verified subcontractors at our disposal. That’s why we are able to receive and dispatch delivery anywhere you want.

Moreover, we have access to smaller vehicles for your needs of the following types: tarpaulins, isotherms, and refrigerators with capacity from 3,5t to 16t.

Majority of our vehicles has GPS, so we are able to locate your shipment quickly and precisely.

Our international shippers are fluent in English which helps in solving problems emerging in international transport.

Because of years of experience, we are able to adjust to the individual needs of our costumers. Also we can quickly and precisely determine the cost and the possibility of finalizing a given transport order.

Our regular costumers can get access to our system which includes documents, the details and a change to place an order directly in the B+K system.

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